Tri Truss System Installation by Exhibition Supplies: Elevate Your Exhibit

February 1, 2024

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Integrate improvements into your exhibition with Tri Truss System installation by Exhibition Supplies. Ensure the success of your display. Call 02 8003 5541.

When hosting an exhibition or event, creating an unforgettable visual impact should be your top goal. You need to capture the attention of attendees and visitors to showcase products, present ideas, or provide immersive experiences. This is where Tri Truss Systems, available through Exhibition Supplies, can transform your event. The versatile and dynamic Tri Truss System is the ultimate solution for exhibitions and events of all types. It allows you to design custom booths, display structures, signage, and more that will wow your audience. With Tri Truss, you can achieve the eye-catching visuals you need to make your exhibition or event a truly memorable experience for everyone.

The Core of Tri Truss System

The Tri Truss System is a modular framework made up of triangular aluminium trusses. These trusses interconnect to form stable and robust structures, which can be customised to suit a wide variety of exhibit layouts. The triangular design of these parts not only adds structural integrity but also contributes to an aesthetic appeal that complements diverse design themes.

Tri Truss System Installation

With the help of experts from Exhibition Supplies, we can carry out the installation of the Tri Truss System without any difficulties.

Before the installation begins, we first plan the layout of your exhibit space. We determine the configuration and dimensions that best align with your objectives. We likewise inspect the Tri Truss System components before assembly to make sure they are in good condition. Once damaged or missing parts have been located, we ensure they are replaced right away.

The installation of the Tri Truss System begins by assembling the base structure of the Tri Truss System. The triangular trusses are connected based on the predetermined layout. Next, the vertical uprights are installed to support the height of the exhibit. We ensure connections will be secured to the base structure. Cross-bracing elements are subsequently added to enhance the stability of the system. This step reinforces the structures and minimises any potential sway.

Any customised elements and accessories to the Tri Truss System like graphic panels, lighting fixtures, or product displays can then be added to enhance the visual impact of the exhibit.

Once everything is done, we perform a thorough inspection of the assembled Tri Truss System. We do this to check the system for stability, ensuring all components are secure.

Benefits of Tri Truss System

Exhibitions and events can take advantage of the Tri Truss System installation by Exhibition Supplies. Some benefits of this system are as follows.

•  Durable: Constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminium, the Tri Truss System offers a winning combination of strength and portability. The inherent robustness of the truss structure ensures stability, even when supporting signage, lighting fixtures, or multimedia displays.

•  Appealing: Beyond its functional aspects, the Tri Truss System adds an aesthetic appeal to exhibits. The geometric elegance of triangular trusses creates a visually interesting framework that can enhance the overall design of the exhibit.

•  Versatile: The modular nature of the Tri Truss System allows for versatile configurations. Exhibitors can adapt the system to fit different booth sizes, creating a tailored and impactful presentation space. From small trade show booths to large-scale exhibits, it can be scaled effortlessly.

•  Straightforward: The Tri Truss System is designed for efficient and straightforward assembly. With quick-connect features and minimal components, exhibitors can save valuable setup time without compromising on the structural integrity of their displays.

The Tri Truss System is a canvas for your creativity and a stage for your brand story. Elevate your exhibit, captivate your audience, and leave a memorable mark in the world of events with the Tri Truss System installation by Exhibition Supplies today.

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