Corner Trims for Trade Show Displays: Achieve Seamless Transitions

February 19, 2024

Improve your trade show displays with corner trims from Exhibition Supplies. Enhance your display’s appeal and create seamless transitions. Call (02) 8003 5541!

When setting up booths for trade shows and exhibitions, one should always make sure that every detail will be considered. Every aspect of these displays, after all, contributes to their overall impression and effectiveness. To date, many elements must be incorporated into booths for them to last for a long time as well as ensure they look appealing all the time. One of these elements is the corner trims.

Corner Trims are Significant

Corner trims, also known as corner guards, are protective and decorative elements that cover and reinforce the corners of booth structures, display panels, and other related components. They provide a finished look while safeguarding vulnerable corners from damage and wear.

Many materials can be used in fabricating corner trims. Some may opt for plastic and fabric, while others take advantage of metals. At Exhibition Supplies, we produce corner trims out of metals as they are more durable, more appealing, and cheaper to invest in.

Advantages of Corner Trims

Now, there are many benefits associated with corner trims in trade show displays. First, they enhance the visual appeal of a trade show display by covering exposed corners and seams. Seamless transition between modular panels or graphics can also be achieved with the installation of corner trims, making the overall design look cohesive and intentional. Corner trims can likewise act as protective barriers, preventing corners from chipping, denting, or fraying. Ultimately, these components can simplify the setup and dismantling phases of trade shows as they are designed to be installed and removed easily.

Select the Right Corner Trims

Our team at Exhibition Supplies knows how important corner trims are. However, their benefits cannot be maximised fully if you fail to select the right corner trims for your trade show displays.

When choosing corner trims, you must ensure that the material of your trade show display elements will be compatible with the corner trim material. Doing this helps ensure a secure and durable connection. The next thing you must consider is durability. You should opt for durable corner trims as they are expected to withstand the rigours of transportation, setup, and dismantling, which helps prolong the lifespan of your trade show display.

Your corner trims must likewise be customisable, allowing you to customise their colours, finishes, and even overall branding. The last thing you must consider is their ease of maintenance. Choosing corner trims that are easy to clean and maintain can save you tons of time and energy.

Proper Corner Trim Installation

Once you pick the right corner trims, you must install them optimally. You should place them strategically at the junctions of display panels or graphics where transitions occur. If they are customisable, you must incorporate consistent branding elements into their design to reinforce brand identity and contribute to a cohesive overall presentation. You must then periodically inspect corner trims for any signs of wear or damage. Those with issues must be either repaired or replaced promptly.

If you want the best corner trims for your trade show displays, get them from us at Exhibition Supplies.

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