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Conventional fixed screwed system (32mm High)


Traditional method, where each corner of each floor panel has been routed/ rebated 3mm deep, to accept the preferred joiner plates (Round, Diamond or Square).    



Jigsaw Style (32mm High)


This style was developed for something that stands out from

the crowd by mixing and matching the colors a stunning

visual effect can be created, or simply have all one color, which ever way the ease of assembly makes for a very low cost install system.


Picture available soon!


Building Block Style (32mm High)


The simplest yet, designed on the idea that anyone can lay the floor, literally even a child, with no tools required and each piece and segment is uniform to make for very cost effective stock control and reorder of even 1 panel is now easy.




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Conventional fixed screwed system (32mm High)

Jigsaw style building block style!


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